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At Birthing Freedom, there’s no need to rush. Think peaceful and practical options from online to in-person offerings, and an accessible process. Take your time, relax, and get to know what you need to your heart's content.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of having a doula?

      • A doula can provide continuous support and encouragement during labor and delivery and helps you to have a positive birthing experience. Depending on their skillset, a doula can help you to have less anxiety, support you on your breast/chest feeding journey and to share their many tools to support your prenatal, birth and postanatal needs as they evolve.

What is the difference between a coach & doula?

      • A doula has gone through specific training that is geared towards comfort and emotional support measures during the birth process. A coach has the expertise to customize care and guide you through a vision planning process and help you to feel embodied while in your intellectual power as you tap into an action plan to get to your end goal. Wearing both hats, your Birthing Freedom doula helps to integrate tools such as breathwork, meditation, journaling and yoga to best explore your ascension and attunement as a parent. Serena supports others to help reinvent or pivot themselves towards their ideal outcomes. Your coach helps you to navigate your unique journey, giving you customized attention so you can best harvest your own wisdom with clarity and confidence.
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How does a doula work with hospital staff?

      • A doula will be an essential part of your birth team. She will not take the place of any health care provider but may act as a liaison and team member with all medical staff. Your primary care providers are there for your and your baby’s medical health needs and prophylactic care. A doula will be there for your non-medical needs and offers continuity in care when you may not know who is on-call amidst the variability of shift changes, triggers and energy.

Does a doula attend my birth if I have a caesarean?

      • A doula will be with you if a caesarean is needed - planned or unplanned. Depending on the hospital, the doula can also accompany you and your partner in the operating room.

Do doulas work only with midwives?

      • Doulas are hired privately and work for you alongside any of your chosen care providers, including OBGYN’s and family doctors. When working with midwives, doulas often attend the entirety of the birth while midwives specifically attend for the active part of the birthing process. Midwives provide medical care for you during pregnancy, birth, and the immediate postpartum period. Doulas provide you and your family with emotional, informational, and physical support. Our postpartum packages extend up to 3 years postpartum, while midwifery care ends at 4- 6 weeks postpartum.

Does a doula perform medical tasks?

      • A doula does not perform any medical tasks or give personal advice. She is there for comfort, for you to feel taken care of, and to offer gentle, practical and hands-on encouragement. She is knowledgeable and neutral and offers informational support so that you can feel informed and connected to your baby and body’s intuited wisdom. Her presence is a part of your holistic care team and can help bring to light your options which are in alignment with your unique and primal physiologocial needs.

How does my partner and doula work together?

      • Your doula is present to assist and support you and your partner in achieving your desired birth. We work closely together prior to your birth to get to know how your current strengths in your relationship can be best used during your birth. Though the doula remains focused on the mother’s needs, she works closely with your partner and encourages him/her/them during the entire birthing process, offering gentle guidance, nourishment and the confidence to support you.

Does a doula advocate for me?

      • A doula will provide you with her unique knowledge and experience of birth and every doula is different in what their offer. At Birthing Freedom your doula She will not speak for you unless requested- Advocacy can take the form of her being available to help facilitate your needs & hopes as part of your individual choice when a decision needs to be made. Also, she will assist you to cultivate your confidence in using your own voice.

I’m not having a natural birth. Will a doula support me?

      • Yes. A doula is there to support you, regardless of how you and your partner desire to give birth. Some women choose to have medication as soon as possible, while others choose to have none.

What if I can't afford a Doula?

Customizable payment plans are always an option. There are many investments to consider during this time and this one is specified for your needs and desired experience. Hiring a doula can also be an excellent gift contributed by extended family and friends. Our goal is to make our offerings as accessible as possible and so we are happy to find ways to make it work. Also, for Indigenous families living in BC up to $1,200.00 (maximum) of coverage for full spectrum doula support with each pregnancy is offered through the Doulas for Aboriginal Families Grant Program (DAFGP).

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