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Meet Serena


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My husband and I immediately felt connection, safety and loved by Serena's thought provoking questions on how to help support us in this huge life moment, the birth of our daughter.


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Serena stayed at my side, patient, waiting for things to unfold, so respectful of the moment and space. Serena has this beautiful, calming energy. I would rehire Serena in a heartbeat.

- Magdalena

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Serena was full of helpful advice throughout my pregnancy and really helped build my confidence in myself as a powerful birthing women.


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Serena is a knowledgeable, experienced, calming presence who gave me confidence and in the end I was able to deliver vaginally without pain medications just like I wanted. She was able to answer all of my questions and provide extra information that I didn’t even know to ask for.


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Serena's presence at the home birth of my second child was both calming and empowering. She advocated for my desires when I was in the throes of transition and doubting my inner wisdom.

Serena helped guide and integrate my toddler throughout the experience, assisting my husband to tend to my needs.

A strong yet unassuming wise woman who consciously cultivates a spirit of freedom and resilience, Serena encourages us birthing mothers to tap into our innate wildness and bravely bring our babies into this world


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Serena was my doula for the birth of our first son, Liam. I was drawn to her because of her obvious love and connection to nature and how she brings that into her practice. Throughout our meetings and conversations leading up to the birth I felt connected to myself, my partner, and nature. I felt confident and supported with the help of Serena's wisdom and her warm, non-judgmental presence. When it came time for Liam to arrive, Serena supported me through labour.

For me, that meant always having the water glass and straw available for sips, speaking affirmations to me, and massaging my swollen calves between contractions. Otherwise, I didn't really want anyone touching me! I was in my own zone.

When a c-section was proposed as the best option for delivery, I was very tired from labouring all night. Serena was an advocate for my husband and I by gently reminding us of questions we could ask, and alternatives to try prior to going through with the operation. Liam was born by c-section in the end.

Although the physical recovery was a bit tougher, I did not feel any mental/emotional stress from delivering by c-section. I attribute this in large part due to having a great midwife and doula team :)


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Serena was everything I needed in a doula for my second pregnancy, and even some things I didn't know I needed! I really appreciated the process of meeting with her multiple times, each time delving deeper into everything from practical matters and different resources to reflecting on and sharing my feelings and ideas about the birth as they evolved through my pregnancy. Not everyone feels like they need as much support after their first pregnancy, but I felt like I had some significant lingering concerns after my first delivery that I wanted to share with someone experienced in supporting pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Serena helped me to work through some of my fears and anxieties by taking the time to walk through my past experience with me. She offered insight and posed questions to help me further reflect and consider different empowering options for my upcoming labour. The relationship Serena and I had built through my pregnancy and my trust in her commitment to support me in whatever way I needed allowed me to feel safe to be vulnerable with her through waves of emotions I experienced in the early stages of my labour. I wanted to completely surrender to confronting and releasing these big, scary feelings in order to make space for birthing this baby. For anyone yearning to have a beautiful, generous, authentic, empathic, and experienced doula to support and witness your birth, whether she is your only person or an addition to a room full of others alongside you, Serena is an amazing choice. Thank you for all the work that you do to empower and advocate for mothers and families, Serena.


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