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We’ll help you to best navigate the stress of the outer world so you can focus on you & your baby.

Our mission is to nurture a birth culture rooted in gentle empowerment.

Watercolor waves design element
Watercolor waves design element


Through coaching & body mindfullness, we explore your emotional and practical flow amist the lifecycle changes that you’re embracing.

Your mind is extremely powerful and we will explore how your current practices can be expanded to help you best connect with your desired vision and outcomes for the coming seasons.

How do you best flow in your day to day with what you wish to create?


Birthing Freedom holds the highest intentions of professional, personalized support and education.

Our comfort measures, resources and holistic practices help you to relax and even find joy in the stretching of uncomfortable sensations.

Our job is to help you feel calm, grounded, informed and encouraged throughout your entire experience.

Regardless of your plans and outcomes for a natural or a medical centered birth, we hold space for your entire family.

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In our monthly classes and seasonal retreats we offer traditional approaches to caring for your mind, body and emotions. With inclusivity to all families at the forefront, we offer community and celebratory gatherings.

We offer personalized as well as group sessions both in person and online to help best tap into your somatic reservoir while nurturing community connections around the world.

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